Salon: Cuban War of Independence

Sunday, January 17 | 3:30- 5pm

James Michael Denham, Ph.D., L. M Chiles Center for Florida History at FSC, moderator

Alexander Rich, Ph.D., Polk Museum of Art, culture and art in revolution

Raul E. Chao, Ph.D., Author, Cuban War of Independence

Marcos Fernandez, culinary influences of France & Spain in 1898

Members Guild: Appreciation Reception

Wednesday, February 24 | 5 – 6:30pm

Core Wealth Advisors, Inc., 124 S. Florida Ave, Ste 400

Platform Art - Sponsors

Platform Kids

Sunday, February 28 | 5 – 6:30pm

Annual student showcase of visual and performance arts
United Women’s Club of Lakeland, 1515 Williamsburg Square

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Artful Bowl

Saturday, April 12 | 7-9pm

Annual art party & fundraiser for public art

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Salon:  Spanish-American War & Documentary Premiere

Sunday, May 16 | 3:30-5pm

Matthew Herbertz, Director, film maker

Bill Bushnel, Ret. Colonel  US Marine Corp., Military Historian

Michael Norton, Tampa actor (Teddy Rosevelt re-enactor)

Salon:  Spanish American War; American Military; 10th Cavalry Buffalo

Sunday, August 15 /// 3:30-5pm

Soldiers; Platform Art Spanish-American War Monument

Lloyd Harris, SAW & Buffalo Local History

Richard Wilder, 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier Florida, re-enactor

LuAnn Mims, Librarian, oral history and images of SAW in Lakeland

Becky Ault, AR Artist, SAW sculptor

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