Students Respond to Sensory Sculpture Call-to-Design

May 22 | 2019

The Sensory Sculpture at Bonnet Springs Park – a beautiful collaboration with students at All Saint’s NuVu Innovation Studio.

On Tuesday, May 22, we had the joy of touring All Saints Academy NuVu Studio’s final exhibition with artists Becky Ault and Mike Cunningham. Students responded to the Platform Art Sensory Sculpture public art call-for-design competition with more than 20 constructed models representing one or more of the five senses. Several sculpture designs will be selected and presented to a panel of judges this fall for additional development under the direction of nationally known artist Becky Ault of ART Research Enterprises, Inc. One or more of the student sculpture concepts will be selected for production at AR as a full scale public art sculpture for the new Bonnet Springs Park.

NuVu Innovation Studio at All Saints Academy

NuVu is a full-time innovation school for middle and high school students, where creativity is fostered as a core part of a child’s learning. Fueled by creativity, students have the capacity to address large-scale problems and create solutions that have an impact in the world.

Derived from “New View,” NuVu is a school where students explore real-world topics, both locally and globally, and create new views of the world. Our students learn how to use the design process to solve complex challenges using creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

At All Saints Academy, these unique middle and high school courses take place in their leading-edge Baldwin Center for Innovation and Collaboration and allow students to flex their innovative, creative, and collaborative muscles in an effort to design solutions for real-world problems. This uniquely-ASA course was born out of a partnership with NuVu Studio in Cambridge, MA. Based on the Architectural Studio Model and geared around multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects, students learn to navigate the creative process — from inception to completion — by prototyping and testing ideas and concepts.
Nuvu Innovation Studio - Becky Ault
Nuvu Innovation Studio - Becky Ault
Nuvu Innovation Studio - Becky Ault
Nuvu Innovation Studio - Becky Ault

Our partnership with NuVu Innovation Studios will offer student artists the opportunity to work in the public realm – one of Platform Art’s six core goals. The student response to our call-for-design competition has yielded incredibly creative proposals, some of which we previewed on Tuesday. Located in the Sensory Gardens of Bonnet Springs Park, this sculpture will incorporate one or more of the five senses. The submissions so far have been impressive, and the selection process will consider materials, location, cost, and sustainability.

The final design selection will take place in the fall, but here are two of the proposals we’ve critiqued so far:

PROJECT proposals.

Sensory Sculpture Bonnet Springs Park

Walk Around the Wall

Walk Around the Wall, a proposal incorporating multiple sensory experiences, manifests as an interactive aesthetic sculpture and highlights different parts of becoming one. Both sides of the wall represent different individuals, groups, and cultures living together in a global society. Diversity in individuals are represented by diverse sensory experiences through the modality of touch.

Bonnet Springs Park Sensory Sculpture

Static Wind

Static Wind, a windmill-shaped design, will capture sound and manipulate it through its form. Rather than creating optical distortion through movement, this project will manipulate sound through its form. Guests can interact with the sculpture and play different sounds as the windmill’s funneling curves modify the sound. Through various depths in the surfaces, the metal body will amplify sounds or dampen them.

PROJECT collaborators.

Platform Art

Our role is to bring this project to life – from concept to installation. In addition to raising the needed funds, we’ll ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. We will work closely with NuVu Innovation Studios, the student designers, ART Research Enterprises, and Bonnet Springs Park.

ART Research Enterprises, Inc.

ART Research Enterprises, founded by Becky Ault and Mike Cunningham, is a full service conservation/ foundry fine art facility. AR was established in 1976 and provides high-end professional fabrication design and production services, upholding the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set forth by the AIC. They will handle the production of the final sculpture, working closely with Platform Art, the student designers, and the landscape architects.

NuVu Innovation Studio at All Saints Academy

The initial call-to-design was issued to high school students at All Saints Academy as part of their partnership with NuVu Innovation Studio. We’ve been working closely with student designers during their exhibitions, offering suggestions and feedback.

Bonnet Springs Park

The Sensory Gardens at Bonnet Springs Park will be a beautiful home for the Sensory Sculpture. Bonnet Springs Park’s Mission is to reverse the historical impacts of former Lakeland Rail Yard operations and preserve an approximately 180 acre site where beauty and excellence in art and horticulture stimulate the mind and nurture the spirit for future generations. We’ll work closely with their team to create a sculpture that enhances their space and increases cultural tourism.


Sasaki professionals are engaged in architecture, interior design, planning, urban design, landscape architecture, strategic planning, graphic design, and civil engineering. In 2017 the Bonnet Springs Park board hired Sasaki to create a master plan for the park. They took input from the public during a six-month outreach period, incorporated ideas and desires, and prioritized them into an approved design. Sasaki is now in detailed design and will work closely with Platform Art to determine the ideal location, size, and scope of the Sensory Sculpture.

Stay tuned for future updates!