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SOUND WALL @ bonnet springs park

Our 2020 Sound Wall sculpture was delivered this summer for temporary installation. Bonnet Springs Park selected a highly visible location near the entrance to the park until the sculpture’s permanent home in the Sensory Gardens is complete. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to host a public unveiling, but we hope to have a formal dedication at the time of final installation next year.

This whimsical sculpture was designed with the goal of creating joy and participation in mind.  The foot print of the sculpture is similar in line and form to the music symbol of a treble clef, and will be a serendipitous discovery within the sculpture.

The sculpture, titled “Sound Wall,” is constructed of stainless steel and enhanced with landscaped vegetation that becomes part of the total image. The delicate lines and decorative poly-chromed elements are graceful and lyrical. Included within the Sculpture are interactive elements that mimic the sound of rain.

A stroll through the Harrell Family Sensory Garden will take you on a journey that engages the five senses. Each garden will offer themed plant collections unique to one bodily sense—taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound. While they represent diverse experiences, these spaces will be unified in their celebration of discovery, art, and culture. When emerging from the Event Center looking south, your gaze is slightly elevated above the gardens, unfolding across waving, textured ground  covers, lush seasonal blooms, shady tree groves, and walking paths winding throughout. The Sound Garden will be a space of play, creativity, and on a quiet day—reflection. Its array of chimes for children and adults will be mixed into existing mature oak stands and ribbons of rustling ornamental grasses.

PROJECT collaboration.


NUVU studio

NUVU Innovation Studios.

Our partnership with NuVu Innovation Studios at All Saints Academy offers student artists the opportunity to work in the public realm – one of Platform Art’s six core goals. The student response to our call-for-design competition yielded incredibly creative proposals. The submissions were impressive, and the selection process considered materials, location, cost, and sustainability.

Platform Art All Saints Academy
Nuvu Innovation Studio - Becky Ault
Nuvu Innovation Studio - Becky Ault
Nuvu Innovation Studio - Becky Ault
Nuvu Innovation Studio - Becky Ault

PROJECT collaborators.

Platform Art

Our role is to bring this project to life – from concept to installation. In addition to raising the needed funds, we ensured the project was completed on time and within budget. We worked closely with NuVu Innovation Studios, the student designers, ART Research Enterprises, and Bonnet Springs Park.

ART Research Enterprises, Inc.

ART Research Enterprises, founded by Becky Ault and Mike Cunningham, is a full service conservation/ foundry fine art facility. AR was established in 1976 and provides high-end professional fabrication design and production services, upholding the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set forth by the AIC. They  produced the final sculpture, working closely with Platform Art, the student designers, and the landscape architects.

NuVu Innovation Studio at All Saints Academy

The initial call-to-design was issued to high school students at All Saints Academy as part of their partnership with NuVu Innovation Studio. We worked closely with student designers during their exhibitions, offering suggestions and feedback.

Bonnet Springs Park

The Sensory Gardens at Bonnet Springs Park will be a beautiful home for the Sound Sculpture. Bonnet Springs Park’s mission is to reverse the historical impacts of former Lakeland Rail Yard operations and preserve an approximately 180 acre site where beauty and excellence in art and horticulture stimulate the mind and nurture the spirit for future generations. We worked closely with their team to create a sculpture that enhances their space and increases cultural tourism.


Sasaki professionals are engaged in architecture, interior design, planning, urban design, landscape architecture, strategic planning, graphic design, and civil engineering. In 2017 the Bonnet Springs Park board hired Sasaki to create a master plan for the park. They took input from the public during a six-month outreach period, incorporated ideas and desires, and prioritized them into an approved design. Sasaki worked closely with Platform Art to determine the ideal location, size, and scope of the Sound Sculpture.


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