Linemen Appreciation Day – August 26

From the City of Lakeland:

Electric line workers are a cohesive group that must work as a highly effective team in very hazardous and rigorous conditions. Their job classification has been ranked as one of the 10 most dangerous jobs in which 30-60 people lose their lives annually. The line workers from Lakeland Electric are dedicated hard working men and women who risk their lives daily working in extremely dangerous situations to ensure that reliable electric energy is delivered to Lakeland homes and businesses.

Lakeland Electric’s line workers have demonstrated their dedication and skills by winning numerous awards and competitions and deserve the appreciation of the Lakeland Community. It is most fitting and proper that the City of Lakeland set aside a special day to recognize and honor these dedicated professionals.

We met Tracy Moore, founder of Highline Hero Foundation, through former City Commissioner, Don Selvage, in 2016. Tracy has made it her personal mission to speak about safety and to recognize Linemen as first of first-responders in times of natural and accidental disasters. She was intrigued with our concept to create a public art sculpture as a permanent visual reminder of Linemen and the electric industry. She recognized both the benefit and honor in memorializing Linemen as she had done so with her late husband, Marc, through her foundation.

Learn more about the Linemen Project here.