Art + Public Outdoor Project = ArtPop

ArtPop is a broad-based movement designed to bring attention to local artists through available outdoor media space– like billboards! With the work of Platform Art and our sponsors, new and emerging artists work has appeared on five different billboards for the past two years in Polk County. View submissions and finalists works from 2017 and 2016 below.

2017 Finalists:

How can I get my work printed?

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What happens to the billboards after they’re up?

This year, we’re working with a local seamstress and designer to bring the billboard vinyl new life (pictured top left)! She’s currently in the processes of sizing and designing custom handbags out of the recycled vinyl. We’ll update you on her progress soon, but check out her brand, Banana Candy, to view her works.

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2017 winners

2017 entries

2016 winners

Platform ART would like to thank our partners:

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