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Platform Art, a non-profit creative and cultural arts organization, cultivates appreciation for all facets of the arts. Traditionally known for its creative “art party” events showcasing visual art, film, fashion, music, and performance, Platform Art now focuses on the economic and cultural impact the arts contribute to making a more a vibrant community. Involvement in Platform Art is an investment in the creative industries, cultural identity and economic growth of the region.

how we SERVE

The beauty of the Platform Art concept is its ability to attract multigenerational audiences. The events appeal to a broad spectrum from young adults through senior citizens. The racial and ethnic make-up of our participants closely mirrors the make-up of the Polk County community, which is currently made up of 25% ethnic and racial minorities. 35% of the population is currently between the ages of 18 and 49 and 31% are 50 and older.

Platform has established a special niche in Polk County that allows us to capture both young, as well as older adults. In fact, parents and grandparents often attend the events with their young adult children or parents.

Polk County’s average household income is lower than the average for the state. Therefore, offering events that are affordable is essential to this community and Platform Art does just that.

The Platform.5 event provides a mechanism for us to reach children in the K-12 range through a program that has many of Platform’s unique qualities, while remaining age appropriate. Polk County grew by a rate of 23.34% over the past ten years, significantly higher than the state average of 18.13%. Therefore, the potential for continued audience growth is tremendous.

what makes platform ART unique

  • Each of our events is held in a different location; from warehouses, office buildings, the local airport, stadiums, colleges, a museums, churches and more! These diverse locations allow us to reach all segments of the community and continue to develop new audiences.
  • Our events are dynamic and edgy, featuring everything from visual arts to music, dance and fashion.
  • We collaborate with cultural organizations, local government agencies and regional businesses to produce unique events that help promote all of our cultural venues and businesses.
  • Platform Art attracts a multi-generational audience, from young students to senior citizens.

platform youth programs & events:

There are currently over 160 school sites and centers and over 90,000 students in the Polk County Public School System and numerous others in private and alternative schools. The Platform.5 Program serves students, teachers, and families from throughout our diverse geographic region. In FY 2010, 30 schools participated, including several with the majority of low-income students on free or reduced lunches. Our partners also include schools specifically designed as alternative schools for at-risk students in jeoporady of dropping out of school. Over 500 students attended the event and over 1,000 were impacted by the program and participated in producing artwork in their classrooms.

Teachers select works to show at the juried show and in some schools, multiple students produce a collaborative piece, such as a large mural. The Platform.5 project’s underlying philosophy is one of inclusion. While at-risk students are a major focus of the program, it is by no means limited to just at-risk students. All students are welcome to participate and learn from each other, regardless of race, economic circumstance or academic achievement

National studies have proven that arts instruction and engagement in the arts by students, improves academic performance, leadership skills, self-esteem, and a desire to achieve. Platform.5 provides just such and experience. The program has been embraced by students, teachers, community leaders and local businesses. It is seen as a valuable supplement to existing Polk County School District and private school arts curriculum. Platform.5 Youth Program & Event provides quality learning experiences, engages students, teachers and families and improves the overall academic success of our county’s students and directly furthers the goals of the Florida Department of Education’s Sunshine State Standards in the areas of visual arts, dance and music.

Platform Art would like to thank our partners:

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